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Top 10 Play Designs of 2020

Over the noise of all the fake crowd cheers, we commemorate the unique 2020 season by counting down the top 10 play designs displayed in the...

Baker Mayfield and Odell Beckham Jr's first Highlight-Reel Play Design of 2020

A great play design ignites the first fireworks of 2020 for Cleveland's flashy duo.

Top Plays from NFL Super Bowl LIV

Any Super Bowl with a 10 point comeback in the fourth quarter is bound to be a game filled with great play designs.

Top Plays from NFL Playoffs Divisional Round

Upset City! The Tennessee Titans pulled off the most unpredictable upset of the NFL playoffs in taking down the Super Bowl favorites in the...

Top College Football Plays from NCAA Week 15 (Conference Championship Edition)

Conference championship games require teams to pull out all the stops in their playbooks in order to finish at the top of the conference. Th...

Top Plays from NFL Week 14

Play designs from the Saints, Broncos, and Dolphins reveal successful strategies and concepts for your passing game playbook. 1. Saint Over...

Top College Football Plays from NCAA Week 14 (Rivalry Week Edition)

Rivalry week in college football brought us new play designs to learn from.

Top Plays from NFL Week 12

Three play designs, three touchdowns, and three passing concepts to learn from in Week 12 of the NFL season.

Top Plays from NFL Week 11

Learn strategic lessons from this week's version of the top play designs in the NFL.

Top College Football Plays from NCAA Week 11 (LSU vs. Alabama Edition)

In an epic match up between #2 and #3, we learn valuable strategic lessons from LSU's explosive offense in this week's breakdown of college...