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Playbook Hut allows you to create custom football formations that you can draw once and then utilize multiple times throughout your playbook without having to redraw the formation each time.

Purpose of Custom Formations

Formations in Playbook Hut can be created and saved separately from plays. You can still line up all your players in formations from scratch while creating plays, but there are a few primary reasons why creating custom formations in Playbook Hut is so useful.

You no longer have to drag each player into formation on the field for each of your plays. Now, you can simply create and save a formation one time, and it can be reused for every play you create going forward.

Create a New Formation

Navigate to the Formations page by clicking the "Formations" link in the side panel.

While on the Formations page, scroll down to the bottom and click the "+ Add Formation" button.

The formation designer will open up and you can begin placing players on the field to create your formation.

Note: For information on how to add players to the field using the Play Designer, visit the guide's Play Designer section.

Edit a Formation

Open up a formation by first navigating to the Formations page which can be found using the "Formations" link in the side panel. Once on the formations page, you can simply click on a formation to open it up and begin editing it.

Once you have opened up the formation, you will be able to edit the players in the formations by using the formation designer, rename the formation, duplicate the formation, and delete the formation.

Rename a Formation

Renaming a formation is simple and can be performed in two separate ways.

Firstly, you can rename a formation when you have opened the formation to edit it. At the top of the formation's page, you can click on the formation's name in the header, to rename the formation. When you hover over the header, a textbox will appear around the formation's name to indicate that you can edit the name directly on the page. When you have entered the new name, hit the "Save" button to update the formation's name.

Secondly, you can rename a formation from the formations page where all of your custom formations are listed. Simply right click on a formation to open up the context menu, then click the option to "Rename Formation" and a new dialogue box will open up that allows you to rename the formation.

Duplicate a Formation

To duplicate a formation either open a formation and click the "Duplicate Formation" button at the bottom of the formation's page or right click on a formation from the formations list on the Formations page and then select the "Duplicate Formation" option in the context menu.

When you duplicate a formation an identical formation is created with the word "(Copy)" appended to the end of the name so that you can distinguish between the original formation and the newly duplicated formation.

Delete a Formation

To delete a formation, you can either navigate to the quick access button at the bottom of a formation's page that says "Delete Formation" or you can right click on a formation when looking at the list of formations on the Formations page and then select the option to "Delete Formation" in the context menu.