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Every team has a unique strategy and terminology for how they refer to each of their positions. The Positions page allows you to tweak the name of each position to fit the names and terminologies of your team.

When you update the name and information of a particular position on the Positions page, the updates are propagated throughout the rest of your account so that each position is consistently presented in the precise way that you desire.

While completely optional, the values entered into the Positions page can be incredibly useful throughout the playbook maker in order to provide consistency, and save time for the user by automatically taking care of tedious, repetitive tasks.

If utilizing the positions feature of Playbook Hut, all a user has to do is set the settings for a particular position one time on the Positions page, and all plays and formations featuring that position will immediately be updated. That means, if you ever need to make a change to a particular position (like changing the letter or color), you do not have to edit each play individually. Instead, all changes to a particular position can be made in one place and are automatically applied throughout the site.

Position Name

The name you give each position on the position's page is how each position will be referred to throughout the rest of the playbook maker site. For example, if you rename the "Running Back" position to "Halfback" then the positions dropdown selection on the player menu in the Play Designer will no longer list "Running Back" as a position option, but will instead list "Halfback" as the position options.

Note: Every time you update the name of a position, it will update the name of that position on all existing plays and formations that feature that position, so that you will only have to make the update once in this central location.

Position Abbreviation

This field will determine the abbreviation of the specified position. The abbreviation field is limited to four characters. While the Position Abbreviation value can be the same as the Position Letter, it may also be longer in order to be more specific.

Currently the Position Abbreviation value is not attached to any particular component, but will be useful to identify certain positions in future features coming to the platform.

Position Letter

This field controls which letter is displayed for each position in a play or formation when a player type is a letter.

Players can be represented by many things in the Play Designer, such as circles, squares, X's, triangles, or letters. When a particular player is assigned a particular position and it is represented by a letter, then this field controls which letter appears for the selected position.

The field is usually just one letter but can be up to three letters for further clarity, if desired.

Position Color

This field controls the default color that represents each position. If a player is assigned a particular position in the Play Designer, then the player will be the color that is selected on the Positions page for that position.

Whenever the color for a position is changed on the Positions page, then that position is updated in all plays that feature that position. This feature is implemented so that users do not have to re-edit every single play that contains that player. Instead, with the features provided by the Positions page, users simply change the color once and it is automatically updated everywhere.

Colors include blue, red, green, orange, purple, yellow, and default. The default color, represented by a white rectangle with a black border in the color selection menu, will default to the traditional color used for a player's color in the currently selected field theme. (For example, a player will be white if the field background is green or black, and a player will be black if the field background is white.)