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Playcaller Mode

Playcaller Mode allows you to browse your playbook like a video game and display your plays in full screen view for you and your players.

This allows you to quickly bring up plays in a practice or game situation. Whether you use Playcaller Mode as a football play card to display plays to your scout team in practice, or you use it to display and demonstrate one of your own plays in the middle of a game, Playcaller Mode is there to beautifully and professionally present your plays.

How to Use Playcaller Mode

Open up Playcaller Mode by clicking the "Playcaller Mode" link in the side panel. After taking a few seconds to load all your plays, you will be presented with a list of your playbooks to choose from.

At this point, you can begin to browse your playbook as if you are in a real-life video game with all of your own custom designed football plays at your disposal.

Navigating your Playbook

Quickly navigate through your plays based upon whether your team is on offense or defense, and then select between a variety of factors such as certain formations or certain game situations. The current categorization levels and sorting criteria include:

For example, in a passing situation, you can quickly access all of your offensive passing plays by clicking "Offense" -> "Play Type" -> "Passing."

Additionally, in a 2nd and Short situation, you can quickly access all of the plays that you have assigned to that particular game situation by clicking "Offense" -> "Down & Distance" -> "2nd and Short.".

Tip: Your plays can be easily designated with certain Play Tags which will help you categorize them for different purposes and game situations by editing the Play's tags. When you assign certain tags, your plays will be more accurately categorized in Playcaller Mode. See the guide's Play Tags section for more information.

Selecting a Play

Once you have found the play that you want to "call" and display for your team, simply click (or tap) on the play and Playcaller Mode will bring it up in full screen. This is useful when using a tablet or large mobile device because you can hold the play up to display to the entire team in a huddle or on the sideline.

The back button and the breadcrumbs at the top of the screen allow you to quickly navigate backward throughout different locations and categories in your playbook, in order to quickly access the next play that you want to call.

Exiting Playcaller Mode

To exit Playcaller Mode, simply click the "X" at the top right of the screen. This will return you to your account's Dashboard.

Future Features

As we get feedback from more and more coaches, we see that Playcaller Mode has the potential to provide many helpful benefits to football coaches in a wide variety of use cases. Therefore, Playcaller Mode is an environment rich with development for future feature releases. You will begin to see many potential features added to Playcaller Mode such as: