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Playbook Hut makes it incredibly easy for football coaches to manage their football playbooks. With the intuitive football playbook maker, coaches can rapidly develop and organize professional quality playbooks for any level of competition.

Create a New Playbook

Creating a new playbook is the first thing you will want to do after you create your Playbook Hut account.

Once logged in, simply navigate to the "Playbooks" tab found in the left panel, then click the button that says "+ Add Playbook".

If you are already currently logged in, you can click the button below to create a new playbook:

+ Add Playbook

The next page will then ask you to enter the name of your new playbook. Simply type the name and then click the "Create Playbook" button and your first playbook will have been successfully created.

Once your playbook has been created, you will want to add plays to your playbook.

Rename a Playbook

After your playbook has been created, there are multiple ways to rename your playbook, depending on what page you are viewing.

Option #1

If you have already selected your playbook and are on the browse page inside the playbook that you would like to rename, then you can rename your playbook at the top of the page.

Simply click on the playbook's current name in the header and type your new name in the text field that appears. When you hover over the header, on a desktop computer, a textbox will appear around your playbook's name in order to show you that you may edit it.

After typing the new name, be sure to click the "Save" button to ensure that you save the update to the new name.

Option #2

If you are browsing through all of your playbooks, either on the Playbook page or the Dashboard page, you can utilize the right-click context menu to update the playbook's name.

Simply right-click the playbook that you want to change, then select "Rename Play" in the menu that appears. A new dialogue box will pop up that allows you to change the name of that playbook.

Browse Plays in a Playbook

With Playbook Hut, plays reside inside of playbooks. In order to access your plays, you must first select and open the playbook that your plays are in.

Once you have opened up your playbook, there are multiple ways in which you can browse through your plays by grouping them together.

To group your plays together, find the "Group By" selection at the top of every playbook's page, above the list of plays. Your current grouping setting will be displayed in the "Group By" dropdown selection box. By clicking on the dropdown box, all other grouping options will appear and you will be able to make your selection for how you want to group your plays while browsing.

There are five different options for how you can group your plays:

Each of these options will organize and display your plays in groups determined by the settings that you have assigned to each play. This makes it easier for coaches to quickly find and access the plays they are currently working on based upon their current situation and priority.

When plays are grouped by Formation, for example, all plays with the same formation will be grouped together under the heading of their formation name. Once the formation name has been clicked, all the plays with the selected formation will appear and be available for selection.

For information about browsing through your plays inside of Playcaller Mode, see the guide's Playcaller Mode section.

Add Play to a Playbook

Adding a play to a playbook is the most important aspect of making your own playbook. Playbook Hut makes this incredibly easy by giving you multiple locations in which to add plays to a playbook.

Option #1

When browsing through your playbooks in a list, like on the Dashboard page or the Playbooks page, right click on a playbook. When the context menu appears, simply click the "Add Play to Playbook" selection.

This will open up the Play Designer and allow you to begin creating a play that will reside inside this playbook.

Option #2

When you select a playbook and are inside the browse page of the playbook, you can add a play to the playbook by navigating to the bottom of the playbook page and clicking the "+Add Play" button.

Adding a Defensive Play

If you desire to add a defensive play to the playbook, make sure that you are browsing the defensive portion of the playbook by selecting the "Defense" tab at the top of the playbook page. When inside the defense side of the playbook, simply navigate to the bottom of the page and find the "+ Add Play" button to add a defensive play to the playbook.

Delete a Playbook

Note: When deleting a playbook you are also deleting all of the plays inside of the playbook, so make sure that you are really willing to part with all the plays before deleting your playbook!

If you are viewing your playbooks in a list, like on the Dashboard page or the Playbooks page, you can simply right-click on the playbook you want to delete, and then select "Delete Playbook" in the context menu that appears.

You can also delete the playbook by selecting the playbook and finding the "Delete Playbook" button at the very button of the playbook's page underneath its list of plays.