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Playbook Hut offers many customizable settings and preferences so that users can tailor their plays and playbooks to their exact specifications.

Navigate to the Preferences page by clicking on the "Settings" link in the side panel and then clicking the "Edit Preferences" button. If you are already logged into your account, simply click the button below:

Edit Preferences

Field Settings

The field settings effect the way that the football field appears throughout all portions of Playbook Hut. These settings effect the field for Plays, Playbooks, Formations, and even effect the way that plays appear in Playcaller Mode.


The field theme determines the colors and design of the field. The three themes to choose from are below:

Tip: When exporting a play, this setting is used as the default field theme, however, you can select and change the theme for each individual export operation on the export page without overwriting this global default setting.

Hash Marks

If enabled, this setting displays the hash marks that indicate each yard on the field.

Yard Lines

If enabled, this setting displays the yard lines that stripe the field every 5 yards.


If enabled, this setting displays the numbers that indicate every 10 yards on the field.


If enabled, this setting displays the subtle vignette effect over the play design.

Default Field Position

The default field position determines the initial position of the field when creating a new play.

Each play can still have it's own field position modified and saved individually in the editor, however, this setting simply determines the default field position each time you create a new play.

If "Anywhere" is selected, the field numbers are displayed ambiguously as "00".

All other options place the ball at a specific location on the field with the end zone visible, if necessary. Refer to the following list for the specific yard lines that each option entails:

Editor Settings

The football Play Designer is Playbook Hut's powerful editor that allows users to naturally and easily draw football plays. These settings provide users with the ability to customize certain aspects of the editor's capabilities.

Linemen Base Position

This setting determines the default starting location of the five offensive linemen in an offensive formation. Users can use this setting to determine the default starting point based on their preferences.

This formation, consisting of the front five offensive linemen, determines the default starting point of many situations throughout the playbook maker and can be selected from the formation selection dropdown when creating a play.

Play Perspective

A simple on/off checkbox allows users to determine whether or not the Play Editor is flipped to defense's perspective by default.

If enabled, this setting will start all new defensive plays and formations from the defensive perspective in the flipped direction. (The offensive side of the ball will be on the top of the play, and the defensive side of the ball will be on the bottom of the play.)

Tip: Users can always flip plays while in the Play Designer using the "Flip" buttons. Please refer to the guide's Flip Plays portion of the Play Designer section.

General Settings

Coordinator Mode

Coordinator Mode is a useful setting that determines which plays to show first when browsing through playbooks and formations throughout the football playbook maker.

Most users will want the setting of "Offensive" coordinator selected in order to show their offensive plays by default. However, some users with a defensive specialty and focus will want to enable "Defensive" coordinator mode in order to show the defensive plays first when browsing through playbooks and formations.

Note: Users can always switch between the offensive and defensive sides of a playbook by clicking the "Offense" and "Defense" tabs at the top of the playbook page in the header.

Unsaved Data Reminders

If this setting is enabled, the site will ask "Are you sure you want to leave without saving?" when leaving a page with unsaved data.

This helps to keep you from accidentally leaving a page with unsaved data by checking with you to make sure that you want to leave without saving.



Other Notes

Tip: Hovering over particular settings on the Preferences page while using a desktop computer will reveal short descriptions and instructions for how each setting affects the features and functionality throughout Playbook Hut's football playbook software.